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Thank you to all of our TEAM OMF FUNdraisers.

“I was capable of achieving anything”

Kirsty Edgson shares her personal journey with ME/CFS Kirsty Edgson is an OMF supporter and seven-year sufferer of ME/CFS. Prior to becoming ill, Kirsty was a competitive athlete who earned both undergraduate and master’s degrees and enjoyed leading an active life with her children. Now that she can no longer race, Kirsty has decided to...

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Glasgow Plant Sale Grows to Support OMF Research

Thank you Eilidh for your efforts to support OMF’s research and raise awareness in Glasgow. Learn more below. “My name is Eilidh, I’m from Glasgow, Scotland, and I have had ME/CFS for 9 years. I held a fundraiser at an event called ‘Bungo in the Back Lanes’ in Strathbungo, Glasgow along with my family and...

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Cycling Across the US for ME/CFS

Coast to coast – starting from Astoria, Oregon and riding to Yorktown, Virginia is the daunting Transamerica Trail. Cyclist, Bertus Geertsema, is taking on the trail to ride 4233 miles, climbing over 160,000 vertical feet in the process. Bertus is riding to raise awareness for ME/CFS and fundraise to support OMF’s research.  Bertus is an...

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DESPERTANDO A PETER PAN (Waking up Peter Pan Gala) Hosted in Spain

Thank you to our friends and allies in Spain for hosting this wonderful event. Shared from the National Pole Fitness Sport and Related Disciplines Association in Spain: Besides the educational and outreach work that we do, our association focuses a lot of its efforts on social work, organizing activities and events and supporting a variety...

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Taking on the Jester Challenge

Martin Lampard, whose sister Ruth and family friend Emily are ME/CFS patients, is undertaking an epic fundraiser to support the Open Medicine Foundation and help advance groundbreaking ME/CFS research. He’ll take on the Jester Challenge, a 250 mile solo sailing voyage from Plymouth, England, to Baltimore, Ireland. Martin explained, “I’m a keen sailor, and JC2019...

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Ffion is spreading hope around the world

OMF European volunteer, Ffion, is using her talents to spread hope worldwide. Ffion creates beautiful handmade cards and generously donates them to OMF. OMF is sharing these stunning papyrus-styled cards with special donors to spread the message of hope from Ffion and all patients. We are truly honored to share these cards and their message....

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Low Battery Man

Patient activist Servando Castello is taking to the streets of Spain and Portugal to raise awareness of ME/CFS and fundraise to support OMF’s research programs. Servando’s creativity is inspirational. Donate In his own words, Servando said, “My name is Servando Castello. I am 42 years old and I’ve had ME/CFS for the last 7 years....

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Forget Me Not

Susanne Fröroth, Sweden, got creative with her time and talent. Susanne used her limited energy to knit hats and socks to fundraise in support of OMF’s research. She announced her efforts on her Facebook page and was thrilled to receive 20 orders. Susanne raised 4000 SEK. She donated her proceeds during OMF’s Triple Tuesday and...

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Run for ME/CFS Research

Austin Lee Vanderlyn is running to raise funds and awareness for ME/CFS research in honor of OMF Community Ambassador, the late Harvey Keith Carden. Austin is a marathon and ultramarathon runner using his passion for running to honor Harvey. Austin shares his motivation: I’m a recovering alcoholic and addict from Texas. One of the greatest...

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Jensen Family Stands Together To Support Research

The Jensen Family is all in for Triple Tuesday OMF. In honor of their son Ryan, they have invited their family, friends, and colleagues to donate to a special campaign in support of OMF’s research. They hope to raise $33,333 and triple it to $100,000.  The Jensen Family is looking at many ways to support...

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