OMF in the News

Our work at Open Medicine Foundation has been widely reported in the news. In the mainstream media, the top stories include:

  • informative interview from Cape Town, South Africa, medical advisor for the ME Association, Charles Shepherd and the leader for the ME/CFS Foundation South Africa, Retha Viviers were interviewed on Afternoons with Pippa Hudson (February 2018)
  • article on about major donation from Pineapple Fund (February 2018)
  • US News and World Report article about $5 million donation from anonymous philanthropist (February 2018)
  • article in the Dana Point Times about the award-winning documentary Unrest (October 2017)
  • in-depth video story explaining ME/CFS on a top news magazine in South Africa, Carte Blanche, featuring CEO/President, Linda Tannenbaum and Dr. Ron Davis and the Davis/Dafoe family. (February 2017)
  • in-depth article in Stanford’s local news magazine, Palo Alto Weekly, including this compelling video.
  • another powerful article, this time in Stanford Medicine (May 2016);
  • an account of the Severely ill Big Data Study in the context of current events, on MedPage Today (January 2016);
  • compelling interview with Dr. Ron Davis on BBC Radio about his race to save his son (October 2015);
  • moving article on Dr. Davis, his son, and the End ME/CFS Project, in the Washington Post (October 2015);


Reports on Research Meetings sponsored by OMF include:

  • detailed report of two-day Working Group meeting and Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS on HealthRising (by Cort Johnson, September 2017) and Deep dive into the Science on ME on #MEAction (by Adriane Tillman, September 2017)
  • high-level report on the Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS on Stanford Medicine Scope (by Raeka Aiyar, August 2017)


Science bloggers within the ME/CFS patient community have written a series of excellent and detailed accounts of the research, including:

  • article in Health Rising about “Monster Donation” received (February 2018)
  • Dr. Ron Davis spoke at the University of Texas to the biological and bioengineering departments about affordable diagnostics technologies. (January 2018)
  • report on the ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center at Stanford University. (December 2017);
  • an interview with Dr. Ron Davis about the disease and Dr. Davis’ determination to find a cure on (June 2017)
  • report on research featuring Dr. Ron Davis and Scientific Advisory Board members Dr. James Watson, Nobel Laureate, and Dr. Mark Davis on Health Rising, June 2017;
  • details of research update from Dr. Ron Davis exploring his approach to understanding ME/CFS on Health Rising (March 2017)
  • the implications of initial findings from the Severely ill Big Data Study, presented by Dr. Davis at the 2016 Invest in ME London conference (by Simon McGrath, on #MEAction, June 2016);
  • details of the exciting results of Dr. Robert Naviaux’s breakthrough Metabolomics and Genetics Study on Health Rising (by Cort Johnson, September 2016). See also earlier articles: May 2016,  April 2016 and March 2016;
  • details of the Severely ill Big Data Study (by Cort Johnson on Health Rising, August 2015);
  • an interview with Dr. Ron Davis and our CEO, Linda Tannenbaum, about the scope of the End ME/CFS Project (by Clark Ellis, on Phoenix Rising, May 2015);


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