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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

OMF in the News

Our work at Open Medicine Foundation has been widely reported in the news. In the mainstream media, the top stories include:

  • Horrific Disease Ignored, Unreported in Minority Communities on Inside Sources (Oct 2019)

  • He pioneered technology that fueled the Human Genome Project. Now his greatest challenge is curing his own son. CNN (May 2019)

  • Millions suffer from an invisible disease: My ME/CFS story on CNN (August 2018)
  • OMF’s grant to launch the OMF-funded ME/CFS Research Center at Harvard on GenomeWeb (May 2018)
  • informative interview from Cape Town, South Africa, medical advisor for the ME Association, Charles Shepherd and the leader for the ME/CFS Foundation South Africa, Retha Viviers were interviewed on Afternoons with Pippa Hudson (February 2018)
  • article on about major donation from Pineapple Fund (February 2018)
  • US News and World Report article about $5 million donation from anonymous philanthropist (February 2018)
  • article in the Dana Point Times about the award-winning documentary Unrest (October 2017)
  • in-depth video story explaining ME/CFS on a top news magazine in South Africa, Carte Blanche, featuring CEO/President, Linda Tannenbaum and Dr. Ron Davis and the Davis/Dafoe family. (February 2017)
  • in-depth article in Stanford’s local news magazine, Palo Alto Weekly, including this compelling video.
  • another powerful article, this time in Stanford Medicine (May 2016);
  • an account of the Severely ill Big Data Study in the context of current events, on MedPage Today (January 2016);
  • compelling interview with Dr. Ron Davis on BBC Radio about his race to save his son (October 2015);
  • moving article on Dr. Davis, his son, and the End ME/CFS Project, in the Washington Post (October 2015);
  • published article by Linda Tannenbaum discussing the symptoms of ME/CFS, on HuffPost (March 2015)


Reports on Research Meetings sponsored by OMF include:

  • detailed report of two-day Working Group meeting and Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS on HealthRising (by Cort Johnson, September 2017) and Deep dive into the Science on ME on #MEAction (by Adriane Tillman, September 2017)
  • high-level report on the Community Symposium on the Molecular Basis of ME/CFS on Stanford Medicine Scope (by Raeka Aiyar, August 2017)


Science bloggers within the ME/CFS patient community have written a series of excellent and detailed accounts of the research, including:


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