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Amy Carlson

Amy Carlson, an American television actress known for her role in the CBS television series, Blue Bloods, as well as roles in other television series and movies including Third Watch, Landline, Criminal Minds, NCIS, and Law and Order, is an Open Medicine Foundation Ambassador.

Tragically, Amy’s childhood best friend, Anne Berry, suffered for many years with ME / CFS and ultimately succumbed to the disease. Since Anne’s passing, Amy has turned her love for Anne into a passion for community action so that other people affected by ME / CFS do not miss out on living their lives to the fullest as Anne did.

The actress has been actively campaigning for ME / CFS awareness through participation in Millions Missing events and advocating in Washington, D.C. A longtime supporter to raise funds for research to end ME / CFS, Amy is an excellent spokesperson who shares her passion and commitment to help improve the lives of all patients.Amy is honored to serve as an OMF Ambassador and will be engaged in our social media and other campaigns to promote, fundraise, and increase awareness of this disease and OMF’s efforts to end ME / CFS.
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