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In honor of International ME/CFS Awareness Month, please help us grow the amazing momentum we're having with the global ME/CFS community. With your support, we're leading research and delivering hope around the world.

Here are four ways you can join the movement …

1. Spread the word

Share your commitment on your Facebook and Twitter page. Use our May Momentum Facebook frame to let others know you support OMF. And share our Facebook or Twitter page with your friends and family to help raise awareness of our work and connect new supporters with OMF.

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#MayMomentum Facts

#MayMomentum Facts

#MayMomentum Facts

2. Volunteer

We’re always looking for new volunteers. Click here and complete the online form to explore how you can share your talents and expertise to support OMF's mission.

3. Donate

Every donation accelerates our urgent research to end ME/CFS. Become a recurring donor (donate monthly or quarterly). Every dollar helps to advance research. Please consider making any contribution you can and support research. Donate now.

4. Stay Connected

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