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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

Welcome Dr. Naviaux to our Team

Robert Naviaux MDWe’ve captured the interest–and will now benefit from the experience, knowledge, and skills–of another esteemed scientific expert.

We welcome Robert K. Naviaux, MD, PhD as the newest member of our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board. He is internationally known for his work in human genetics, inborn errors in metabolism, metabolomics, and mitochondrial disease.

Having Dr. Naviaux join our team fits the pattern we set last year: create a scientific advisory board of noted experts in the biology systems that could be contributing to ME/CFS symptoms. These well-known researchers and doctors bring their network of relationships with labs and other scientists–and their knowledge and prestige–so we can move the research from the fringe and shadows into an exciting and respected field. And most of all, get fast results.

He is an ideal scientist to add to our esteemed board because of his deep understanding in mitochondrial dysfunctions, virology, tumor immunology, and natural killer cell biology.

Dr. Naviaux runs the Robert Naviaux Laboratory at UC San Diego, which is doing genetic research into mitochondrial dysfunctions. He is founder and co-director of the Mitochondrial and Metabolic Disease Center at UCSD. Additionally, he is the co-founder and a former president of the Mitochondrial Medicine Society, and a founding associate editor of the journal Mitochondrion. He studied biochemistry at Georg-August University in Göttingen, Germany.

Dr. Naviaux discovered the cause and created the diagnostic test for Alpers syndrome, a mitochondrial disease. He also works in oceanographic ecosystems research and is the director of the first FDA-approved clinical trial to study suramin as a treatment for autism.