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Pediatric ME/CFS
Research Review

A review of published research and clinical observations on pediatric ME/CFS and its diagnosis and symptomatic treatment.

for School Nurses

Resource for school nurses to recognize and help support students with ME/CFS. 

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Managing ME/CFS
A Guide for Young People 

Dr. Rosamund Vallings, ME/CFS specialist, book to help young patients and their caregivers successfully adapt to living with ME/CFS. 

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Pediatric ME/CFS Diagnosis and Management

Prof. Peter Rowe and Dr. Nigel Speight discuss pediatric ME/CFS in two videos.

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Diagnosis of
ME/CFS in Children

Brief information on the onset, symptoms, and diagnosis of ME/CFS in children.

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Healthcare Professionals
Fact Sheet

Describes ways in which clinicians can support their patients in the school setting.

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An Adolescent’s
Guide to ME/CFS

A short introduction to ME/CFS for young adults and their parents.

Why Can't This Child Get to Class?

Learn how ME/CFS keeps youth from attending school.

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ME/CFS at School

Fact Sheets to help children with ME/CFS succeed in school. Resources for parents, educators, and nurses.

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Parent and Guardian
Fact Sheets

Ways in which parents can support their children in and outside school.

Young People MECFS Primer
Diagnosis and Management
In Young People: A Primer

Information for understanding, diagnosing and managing the symptoms of ME/CFS in children and adolescents.  

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