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Science Wednesday


#OMFScienceWednesday! Every Wednesday we will post on Facebook about the science that OMF is supporting: background on key areas, updates on the latest research, explanations of topics relevant to ME / CFS... be sure to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter so you don't miss out!

The ‘omes’

Do you know your ‘omes’? For this #OMFScienceWednesday, we look at the ‘omes’ studied in biomedical research, and why we are funding projects to study them in ME / CFS. Genome: The genome refers to all of the DNA in a living thing.  The DNA is organized into genes that code for proteins that have specific jobs…

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OMF-funded research: red blood cell deformability in ME / CFS

On this #OMFScienceWednesday, we present a new project that we are funding that will evaluate the ‘deformability’ of red blood cells as a potential biomarker for ME / CFS. Red blood cells (RBCs) are the most common cells in the blood. Their main role is to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, and this role…

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OMF-funded research: a metabolic ‘trap’ hypothesis for ME / CFS

On this #OMFScienceWednesday we highlight a new project that OMF is funding, which proposes a new metabolic ‘trap’ hypothesis for ME / CFS. This project is just getting started under the direction of Dr. Robert Phair, Chief Science Officer of Integrative Bioinformatics, Inc., an expert in computational modelling of biological processes. Dr. Phair has been collaborating with…

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OMF-funded research: diagnostic and drug-screening technology

On this #OMFScienceWednesday we continue our series on research projects that OMF is funding all over the world, with a look at efforts to develop diagnostic and drug-screening technology for ME / CFS. This project is ongoing at the ME / CFS Collaborative Research Center at Stanford under the direction of Dr. Ron Davis. We are hopeful that the…

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OMF-funded research: T cells and molecular immunology

It’s #OMFScienceWednesday! For the next few weeks, we will be describing the research projects that OMF is funding all over the world. The first project is about T cells and molecular immunology of ME / CFS, at the ME / CFS Collaborative Research Center at Stanford under the direction of Dr. Ron Davis. This project is a collaboration with…

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What do T cells and B cells do?

On this #OMFScienceWednesday, we look at two cell types in our immune system that have been particularly interesting for ME / CFS research lately: T cells and B cells. Both of these cell types are important for defending us against infections, but they do so in different ways: B cells produce antibodies to ‘capture’ invading germs. Sometimes…

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Olav Mella talks autoimmunity and metabolism in ME / CFS

It’s #OMFScienceWednesday! Today we share a video lecture by OMF Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Olav Mella of the University of Bergen, Norway. In this lecture, Dr. Mella talks about the evidence for autoimmunity and metabolic disturbances in ME / CFS, and what such findings may mean for treatments. The lecture is in Norwegian but there are…

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An update on Bob Naviaux’s metabolomics validation study

On this #OMFScienceWednesday, we have a promising update on the metabolomics validation study we are funding in Dr. Bob Naviaux’s lab at the University of California, San Diego. This study is designed to independently validate Dr. Naviaux’s groundbreaking findings of metabolic features of ME / CFS, published in 2016. As some of you may remember, Dr. Naviaux’s…

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Ron Davis speaks about ME / CFS at UT Dallas

It’s #OMFScienceWednesday! Last week, Dr. Ron Davis, our Scientific Advisory Board Director and Director of the Stanford Genome Technology Center, was invited to the University of Texas at Dallas, to speak in their Green Systems Biology Distinguished Lecture Series. He used the opportunity to introduce ME / CFS to approximately 300 biology and bioengineering researchers at UT…

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Dr. Mike Snyder’s latest research on the molecular effects of weight fluctuation

On this #OMFScienceWednesday, let’s talk about an exciting new study from Dr. Mike Snyder, Chair of Genetics at Stanford University. Dr. Snyder’s team performed a big data study – using the very same genomics technologies his team is applying to ME / CFS in collaboration with Dr. Ron Davis, with funding from OMF – to understand how…

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