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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

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A Plea from Ron Davis

As we end 2015, we know many are still suffering. One ME/CFS patient has received lots of news media attention this year. And now we have a plea from his father, the director of our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board, Ron Davis, PhD: My son Whitney woke me this morning to inform me that he is…

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Family Donates $224K to End ME/CFS Project

As we continue in the End ME/CFS Project goals, more individuals and groups are seeing the hope this unique research strategy offers. One is a family who have a loved one afflicted with ME/CFS. The new $224,000 donation is going to give us a good start in raising funds to do Phase II, which is…

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More Tests Added to the ME/CFS Severely ill-BIG DATA Study

Thanks to the generous donations and increased knowledge, we have added more tests to the OMF ME/CFS Study that has been launched. We’ve uploaded an updated tests list and an updated full description of the study. As always, Cort Johnson has done a great job in explaining what we now have in our plans in…

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New $500K Donation to OMF Research

It’s happened again! An anonymous but very generous donor has expressed confidence in OMF research by donating $500,000. As you may recall, just a few months ago, we reached our goal of $1 million to do the OMF ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study, which is part of the End ME/CFS Project. This study will give us…

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OMF Giving Tuesday Results: Whopping $107K+ Raised

Thanks to some smart folks, #GivingTuesday has been practiced for four years. Nonprofits use this special day to remind people that this time of year is about more than consumerism; it’s about giving. And what better way than giving to OMF research, so we can End ME/CFS and the suffering it causes?! This year, we had a…

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Dr. David Bell to Speak on ME/CFS on Dec. 6

If you can make it, we invite you to hear Dr. David Bell, a doctor who has a long history in caring for ME/CFS patients. He will give his perspective of the recent news about the disease and describe three disease entities at a December 6 event at the Tustin Public Library in Orange County,…

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Matching Donation Goal Met

Two very generous supporters offered  to triple-match donations during the push for #GivingTuesday with a maximum outlay of $45,000. Well, thanks to you, we already met this goal and then some! Therefore, the $15,000 we received will be matched with an additional $45,000! A whopping $60,000 already raised, and we still have one week to go before…

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Ron Davis and Other Scientists Take a Stand against Bad Science

Recent analysis and commentary from individuals not personally affected by ME/CFS have exposed the PACE Trial as having many flaws. In David Tuller’s three-part series, our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board director, Ronald W. Davis, PhD, is quoted. Now Prof. Davis and others have gone one step further and are asking that the medical journal’s editor arrange…

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Congratulations & Thanks to Michael Weeks

Michael Weeks, a product implementation specialist at Penn State Mutual Life in Philadelphia (according to his LinkedIn profile), won the company’s highest achievement award. He then donated the $10,000 to OMF research. This is a great opportunity! Do you know a “high achieving” relative who cares about ME/CFS patients? Suggesting they support the End ME/CFS Project…

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San Francisco TV News Covers Davis’ Family Struggle with Severe ME/CFS

It’s a compelling story that has brought lots of news media attention: A famous scientist, our own ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board director Ronald W. Davis, PhD, trying to find scientific answers to save his son from a devastating disease, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A San Francisco television news station reported Whitney Dafoe’s story of being…

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