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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

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Working Together Leads to Documentary Release

You may know Ryan Prior, an ME/CFS patient in Atlanta who become sick while in school. You may know he wrote about his experiences in USA Today. You may know he and Nicole Castillo worked hard to create a documentary about the disease: “Forgotten Plague.” You may know that the documentary includes our ME/CFS Scientific...

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Davis Will Speak at the Invest in ME International Conference & Colloquium

We are proud our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board director, Ronald Davis, PhD, is one of the few speakers at the Invest in ME International Conference on June 3 and the Biomedical Research in ME Colloquium on June 1-2, both in London, England. These annual events are a great opportunity for researchers to learn and share...

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ME Australia: Big donations speeding up US Big Data study on severe ME and CFS patients

What have big donations done for the Big Data Study on severely ill patients at the Open Medicine Foundation? Last year the Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) received more than US$1,650,000 in anonymous donations towards the End ME/CFS project-Severely Ill Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Big Data Study.  Four large donations from families with loved ones with ME/CFS...

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Generous Family Gives another $142K

We are pleased to announce that we have just received $142,000 for our continuing OMF End ME/CFS Project; the second generous donation from an anonymous donor family. As Phase 1 (the ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study) begins and we are preparing for Phase 2, we are tremendously grateful to our continuing supporters who keep this research going. The...

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Welcome Dr. Naviaux to our Team

We’ve captured the interest–and will now benefit from the experience, knowledge, and skills–of another esteemed scientific expert. We welcome Robert K. Naviaux, MD, PhD as the newest member of our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board. He is internationally known for his work in human genetics, inborn errors in metabolism, metabolomics, and mitochondrial disease. Having Dr. Naviaux join our...

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A Plea from Ron Davis

As we end 2015, we know many are still suffering. One ME/CFS patient has received lots of news media attention this year. And now we have a plea from his father, the director of our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board, Ron Davis, PhD: My son Whitney woke me this morning to inform me that he is...

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Family Donates $224K to End ME/CFS Project

As we continue in the End ME/CFS Project goals, more individuals and groups are seeing the hope this unique research strategy offers. One is a family who have a loved one afflicted with ME/CFS. The new $224,000 donation is going to give us a good start in raising funds to do Phase II, which is...

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More Tests Added to the ME/CFS Severely ill-BIG DATA Study

Thanks to the generous donations and increased knowledge, we have added more tests to the OMF ME/CFS Study that has been launched. We’ve uploaded an updated tests list and an updated full description of the study. As always, Cort Johnson has done a great job in explaining what we now have in our plans in...

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New $500K Donation to OMF Research

It’s happened again! An anonymous but very generous donor has expressed confidence in OMF research by donating $500,000. As you may recall, just a few months ago, we reached our goal of $1 million to do the OMF ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study, which is part of the End ME/CFS Project. This study will give us...

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OMF Giving Tuesday Results: Whopping $107K+ Raised

Thanks to some smart folks, #GivingTuesday has been practiced for four years. Nonprofits use this special day to remind people that this time of year is about more than consumerism; it’s about giving. And what better way than giving to OMF research, so we can End ME/CFS and the suffering it causes?! This year, we had a...

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