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Olivia’s #MayMomentum Story

“ME is not me.”

We have no shortage of creativity in our inspiring community, and today we demonstrate this by sharing Olivia’s story, who was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2019.

To commemorate last year’s ME/CFS Awareness Week, Olivia took to her kitchen to express her thoughts in the form of a delicious and beautifully designed dessert.

Olivia’s bright blue cake (pictured) is complete with gold lettering sprawled across, speaking volumes: “ME is not me.”

In support of OMF’s 2020 #MayMomentum campaign, Olivia now further explains her personal story and the incentive behind this beautiful cake with a moving message:

“My name is Olivia, and I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2019. Before this, I never stopped. I was a total perfectionist who was always doing something and didn’t believe in taking sick days off. After developing ME/CFS, my life completely changed. I had to give up my job, my car, and nearly had to give up on my degree. I now completely rely on my family to take care of me. I’m so grateful for OMF’s work in researching ME/CFS, which is a condition that suffers from a complete lack of awareness, even within the medical community.

OMF’s work has helped ME/CFS sufferers feel acknowledged instead of patronized and ignored. Especially now, during the COVID-19 crisis, when more and more people may be diagnosed with ME/CFS, it is so important for OMF to continue their research. Every piece of research that confirms that this condition is real and that there is something physically wrong with us, is one step closer to finding treatment and also helping us to be seen and heard.

Lets #EndMECFS together. Please visit www.omf.ngo/MayMomentum to find out more.

Many thanks to Olivia for using her artisan baking skills to inspire the movement towards awareness of this devastating disease.

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