Harvard Collaboration Research Presentations Now Available

Recordings of individual presentations from the OMF-funded Inaugural Harvard ME / CFS Collaboration Symposium “Finding Clarity” Community Day are now available. Please take the time to view the recordings here.
Symposium presentations included a clinician panel featuring Dr. Amel Karaa, Dr. Anthony Komaroff, and Dr. Donna Felsenstein and individual presentations by Dr. Michael VanElzakker, Dr. Ron Davis, Dr. Maureen Hanson, and Dr. Wenzhong Xiao. Introductory, overview and summary remarks were made by OMF Founder & CEO/President, Linda Tannenbaum and Dr. Ron Tompkins. View all recordings here.
A comprehensive symposium summary, written by Dr. Chris Armstrong, is available: The ME / CFS Harvard Collaboration building momentum.

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