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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

OMF Conversations: Dr Ron Tompkins and Dr Alan Gurwitt

Ronald G. Tompkins, MD, ScD, has a candid conversation with patient and advocate, Dr. Alan Gurwitt.

OMF is proud to fund ME/CFS researchers like Dr. Tompkins, who are not only world-class scientists but also take the time to listen to patients and learn from their experiences with this devastating disease. Recently, Dr. Tompkins had the opportunity to sit with Dr. Alan Gurwitt, Massachusetts ME/CFS & FM Association patient advocate, and talk about what living with ME/CFS is like. Alan shared his experiences with ME/CFS and the medical community over the past several decades.

Together we are building awareness around the world and raising funds to support critical research.

View the interview here.

Dr. Tompkins is the co-director of the OMF-funded ME/CFS Research Activities at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Affiliated Hospitals and a member of the OMF Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

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