Greetings from London

Dear Friends,
I am excited to share with you that this week I am attending the Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium 8 (BRMEC8) with six members of OMF’s Scientific Advisory Board. Our delegation is spending quality time together. (Pictured below: L to R: me, Dr. Øystein Fluge, Dr. Jonas Bergquist, Dr. Ron Davis, Dr. Maureen Hanson, Dr. Wenzhong Xiao, and Dr. Ron Tompkins.)
London 2018 L to R – Linda Tannenbaum, Øystein Fluge, Jonas Bergquist, Ron Davis, Maureen Hanson, Wenzhong Xiao, & Ron Tompkins
On Friday, June 1, we will also participate at the Invest in ME International ME Conference. Dr. Davis will present, “Revolutionizing biomedical research through technology development” and Dr. Hanson will present, “Research at the Cornell Center for enervating neuroimmune disease.” If you are already registered to attend the conference, be certain to stop by our table.
Being with this team is truly inspirational.
From London, with hope for all,
Linda Tannenbaum

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