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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

“Help us live – not just survive” by Britt M.

Britt and her daughter, Julia, know firsthand the “changes” in life caused by ME/CFS. Britt harnessed her feelings and created a fundraising campaign to support the End ME/CFS project. Britt bravely shared her personal story and challenges to encourage others to step up and get involved.

“To suffer from ME/CFS, like me and my daughter, has been a huge change for both of us and for our whole family. We are mostly housebound unable to work, graduate or otherwise participate in society. We do not have a social life. We are unable to hang out with friends and relatives, work out, have a coffee in town or enjoy any of our interests. Life for us is extremely tough. Simple daily activities such as cooking, making a phone call or taking a short walk are sometimes completely insurmountable. To grow up as children with these limitations  – where you miss school and hanging out with friends –  to constantly live in pain and feel bad – is really fierce. In addition, when you have to fight year after year, being sent from doctor to doctor, not trusted by a doctor, leads to terrible despair.”

Britt has taken this despair and turned it into action. In honor of OMF’s Triple Giving Tuesday campaign, Britt launched a fundraiser. She surpassed her goal and has raised over $2,000. Britt demonstrated that every member of our community can get involved, support research and help find the cure for ME/CFS.

“By contributing to the End ME/CFS research project we will gain greater knowledge about the disease, improve the lives of all ME/CFS sufferers in Sweden and around the world. It is estimated that there are over 40,000 ME/CFS patients in Sweden today, which is comparable to about 20,000 affected by MS.”

“Help us live – not just survive.”

“Be part of this historic effort to unlock the mystery, find a cure and share the hope of a better tomorrow.”

Thank you Britt for standing up for ME/CFS patients in Sweden and around the globe. We are honored that you are a member of TEAM OMF.