Generous Family Gives another $142K


We are pleased to announce that we have just received $142,000 for our continuing OMF End ME/CFS Project; the second generous donation from an anonymous donor family.

As Phase 1 (the ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study) begins and we are preparing for Phase 2, we are tremendously grateful to our continuing supporters who keep this research going.

The plan for Phase 2 involves taking what we learn from Phase 1 and testing a smaller, more focused list of tests on moderately ill ME/CFS patients. This will help us know what biological abnormalities increase or decrease with disease severity, which then might give us a clinically useful diagnostic test.

As we raise funds for Phase 2, our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board will determine which hypotheses to test immediately and which to wait until Phase 1 is completed (9-12 months).

We’ve uploaded an updated tests list and an updated description of the study.

We appreciate the #ME Action Network doing a review of our donations in 2015 and how the other support we are receiving. You can also join in supporting this groundbreaking research through these fundraising event ideas.