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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

New $500K Donation to OMF Research

Anon donor Graphic sample-2It’s happened again! An anonymous but very generous donor has expressed confidence in OMF research by donating $500,000.

As you may recall, just a few months ago, we reached our goal of $1 million to do the OMF ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study, which is part of the End ME/CFS Project. This study will give us a thorough, deep-dive and comprehensive molecular profile of some bedbound, ME/CFS patients.

How this big donation will help:
With these new funds, we will be increasing the types and number of tests we do in the OMF ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study. We hope to have more news on this study after the first of the year.

We can only succeed in Ending ME/CFS with large and small donations, like this one. Thank you.

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