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Visiting our friends in Denmark

Written by Linda Tannenbaum, OMF Founder & CEO/President After our meetings in London, I continued on my End ME / CFS Worldwide Tour 2019 with a stop in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday, June 2nd. It was very important for me to be in Denmark and shine an international light on the many challenges Danish patients are facing,…

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Reflections on the IiME Conference Week 2019

Written by Christopher Armstrong, PhD, OMF Science Liaison This was possibly the largest ME / CFS meeting I had ever been to, which indicates how fast the research field is growing. There were 4 days of talks from before 9am until after 6pm every day and the talks were kept to around 20 minutes each. It began…

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OMF Founder and CEO/President Linda Tannenbaum sends this update from the ongoing Invest in ME Research Conference Week in London

The conference is going great! Organizers Richard and Pia Simpson planned a phenomenal 2-day science program once again, with over 100 researchers in attendance. OMF Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members Ron Davis, Ron Tompkins, Oystein Fluge and Wenzhong Xiao, as well as OMF Science Liaison Chris Armstrong, spoke yesterday. OMF SAB Members Jonas Bergquist and…

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OMF Worldwide Tour Coming to Denmark

Dear Danish OMF Friends, Being the mother of a sick daughter, I am well aware of how important hope is for all of you with ME / CFS. I will once again embark on a European Tour of Hope in June and will be visiting Denmark (following the IIME in London). I would love to meet as…

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OMF Sharing Hope in Dallas, Texas

Dear Friends, After my stops in London, Italy and the Netherlands this summer, and our inspiring Science Days and Symposium at Stanford a few weeks ago, I continued OMF’s End ME / CFS Worldwide Tour of Hope in the USA this weekend. Our first stop was the Texas Scottish Rites Hospital for Children in Dallas this Sunday. I…

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End ME / CFS Worldwide Tour impressions after a unique event in Italy

“My heroes, the fighting patients, parents & caregivers.” Dear Friends, We arrived Thursday, June 7, on our last stop of our End ME / CFS Worldwide Tour in Zanè, a town in the province of Vicenza, Veneto, Italy. We were welcomed with a lovely dinner we shared with Giada Da Ros, President of the CFS Italian Association, Paolo…

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Meeting New and Old Friends in the Netherlands

Dear Friends, After London, Don and I traveled on June 2 to the Netherlands (Utrecht), our second stop on our OMF End ME / CFS Worldwide Tour 2018 and our first visit to this beautiful country with so many bikes everywhere! We couldn’t wait to finally meet with old and especially new Dutch friends, some of them…

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Meeting Friends and Collaborators at IIMEC13 in London

Dear Friends, My husband Don and I left California on May 28 to embark for Europe again on our second annual OMF End ME / CFS Worldwide Tour, to discuss research, bring updates, share hope, ideas, and raise awareness. Being parents of a sick daughter, we are well aware of how important hope is for all of…

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A Glimpse into Dr. Ron Davis’ Talk in London

Dear Friends, I prepared this statement for Ashley Haugen to read yesterday at the Western Massachusetts Department of Public Health screening of Unrest. This is new information from the Severely ill Patient Study (SIPS) that I also presented in London: “We have made considerable progress in analyzing the data from the severely ill patient study. This has taken some time because we have…

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Greetings from London

Dear Friends, I am excited to share with you that this week I am attending the Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium 8 (BRMEC8) with six members of OMF’s Scientific Advisory Board. Our delegation is spending quality time together. (Pictured below: L to R: me, Dr. Øystein Fluge, Dr. Jonas Bergquist, Dr. Ron Davis, Dr. Maureen Hanson, Dr. Wenzhong Xiao,…

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