By Anonymous

Sometimes I feel like the loneliest person
Adrift on the endless sea
Waiting to find the safety of shore
But find it’s only M.E.

I’m fighting the hardest battle
Only to look up and find
I’m fighting without a weapon
And I’m also fighting blind.

The enemy is clever and changes
With each passing day
Unrelenting and unyielding
Intent to make me pay.

Sometimes I feel like a flower
Wilting before I bloom
Sometimes I feel a prisoner
Slowly awaiting my doom.

The tears that flow are constant
A reminder of the pain
The sun has lost its way
I feel now only rain.

Sometimes I am a fortune teller
Knowing all too well
The sadness that tomorrow brings
With the same story to tell.

I feel all of these things inside
Sometimes I struggle just to cope
Yet the one thing that brings me through this pain
Is the kind promise of hope.

For hope is not a false promise
That is made up in the mind
Hope gives us courage to fight the war
Sometimes hope is the strength we find.

Now we fight together, joined hand in hand
Even when we cannot take a stand
Sometimes our spirits are stronger than our bodies can contain
Now it’s time for the sun – after the rain.

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