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Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), and Fibromyalgia.


By Jenny Simpson

They told me the world was my oyster

Future like the sky, dreams supersized

I thought I could outrun the pain in my bones

Body of moans, still I kept going.

Till I crashed, shattered, a window of pain

Trying to stand up, collapsed again and again.

Denial wasn’t just a river in my head

As I sank to the bottom of the

I don’t want to sea-bed.

My world became an oyster in an oyster shell

Shut up and shut off, cut off from all is well.

Its salty sting soaking my skin

Open just enough to let a drop of see in.

With it the grit of irritation

Rubbing me raw in consternation.

Could I believe in a front-to-back down-upside whacked

Way to the way it all happens?

Days and babies and years and hope all come to being in darkness.

Nothing was precious until everything was.  Pause.

Achingly slow I learned to go with the flow

Dreamed someday and somehow I would some way let go

Of wishing and waiting for life unbroken

Hands soft, fingers brave cautiously open

This oyster is my world, right here is my pearl.

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