Cure M.E.

By Anonymous

I can’t escape this body
it fills me up with death
Like my cells, they – are not working
and so it is, I guess

Mitochondria are failing
the flame will not ignite
No ATP created
my body can not fight

The cells are hibernating
I am a sleeping bear
The brain is filled with fogginess
my conscious is not clear

My body is a prison
my mind is running free
I’m dreaming of tomorrow
when I will dance, you see?

The hunter is a virus
or some immune deficiency
The doctors haven’t figured
their cure is not for M.E.

But years have passed
and maybe, coincidence set free?
Some oncologists from Norway
they found a long lost key

I have lost a decade
and others maybe more
We reach out to the public
Our lives are worth much more!

Raise the funds for research
to find the final key
The puzzle will be finished
and that will set us free!

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