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Ode to Hope

Ode To Hope
by David Hefferon

Little did I expect a carer to be
But that is the life with a wife and child with M.E.
It is a job of love and not of choice
It is up to us to give the “missing millions” a voice.

Some may say it is a chore and a sacrifice
But to care for loved ones, you never think twice
To care for someone with M.E. is more a privilege
The medical abuse received is more a sacrilege.

Ignored and abused at the hands of the psychiatric community
Still they refuse to acknowledge the auto immunity,
The harm and damage caused by the PACE
Is now being shown to the biggest medical disgrace.

Abused, ignored, accused and persecuted
The doctors soon discover, the millions will not be muted
Worst of all is the paediatrician
Who refuses to accept M.E. as a medical condition.

In comparison the abuse of adults is mild
Compared to what they attempt to do to your child
The time has come for them to get off their psychosomatic perch
And start reading and learning the biomedical research.

As long as Paediatricians attack our children with gaslighting
Parents will protect their children and keep on fighting
As long as they continue to use fake charm
They should remember Primum Non Nocere – First do no harm

For all those still struggling to cope
Be brave this ode comes with a message of hope
Belfast, America, Australia, Denmark, whichever nation
There is always HOPE thanks to the Open Medicine Foundation

As the biomedical research archive becomes fuller and fuller
We must all give thanks to Davis, Montoya, Coyne, Speight and naturally Tuller
These are to name but a very few
To all the good Doctors our thanks is due.

Hope springs eternal of that I am sure
As all these good doctors strive for a cure
To give these millions back their voice
In hope let us all rejoice.

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