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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases


We are Sisters and Brothers Who Dream of Healthy Days in the Sun

There are moments when other people’s influence on your life becomes so clear. Moments when the pain, the struggle and the dark nights fade away as someone with a word or an action make a difference. For my birthday some friends and also people I never have met sent me donations for The OMF End...

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This is My ME-story

The 28th of October 2009 I went to work entirely well and in good shape. My employer had encouraged all employees to accept a flu shot and I accepted to comply with my employer’s wishes. 10 minutes after the shot I started to feel cold and unwell. 2 hours later I had a full blown...

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I Always Traveled by Bike

I ALWAYS TRAVELED BY BIKE. Everywhere, in every season. I enjoyed concerts, being politically active, camping, dance, hiking, canoeing, traveling, gymnastics, my work, playing guitar, painting, cooking and just hanging out with my friends. I was the only kid in my whole public school of 500 that got the “Award of Excellence” for physical fitness....

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OMF Newsletter – September, 2016

Metabolomics Study Results Take Center Stage The suspense is over, the results are in: Robert K. Naviaux, MD, an esteemed member of our Open Medicine Foundation Scientific Advisory Board, just published “Metabolomic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” by Naviaux RK, et al. in the prestigious journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Dr. Ron Davis said: “This landmark ME/CFS...

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My Dream…

The sick have only one wish. It is to be healthy. So it looks to me. But I also have a dream, a big beautiful dream that when I turn 50 years old we will start a collection for ME research. For, the truth is that I do have a chance to get better so...

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Viruses and CFS: Statements by Ron Davis and Bob Naviaux

Ron Davis: There is a great deal of evidence that a variety of viruses can initiate ME/CFS, but it is less clear that a virus is involved in sustaining the disease. However, some patients may have a continuous problem with viruses, especially those viruses we always carry like EBV and HHV6. These viruses are usually...

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UPDATED: Metabolic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Q & A with Robert Naviaux, MD

Dr. Naviaux has published a ground-breaking study “Metabolic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.” Below are answers regarding his results. Link to published paper Q1. Some people still argue that CFS is not a real illness but all in the mind. Does your discovery of a chemical signature help shatter this myth?  Yes. The chemical signature that we...

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ME/CFS Ground-breaking Metabolomics results by Naviaux RK, et al

Comment by Ronald W. Davis, PhD The publication, “Metabolic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” by Naviaux RK, et al. is a landmark in ME/CFS research. It is the most important and groundbreaking study of ME/CFS to date. Extending recent indications of metabolic alterations in ME/CFS, this study provides the first comprehensive, quantitative demonstration of the...

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Prognosis of ME/CFS – by David S. Bell, MD

Of the many mysteries that have surrounded ME/CFS is the difficulty with predicting the long term outcome; what is the difference between a relapse, a temporary worsening, and true deterioration where there is a downward spiral of the illness over longer periods of time? There is no known biologic marker for disease severity at present,...

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OMF Newsletter – July, 2016

ME/CFS Severely Ill Big Data Study Update: Sample Collection Completed OMF is excited to announce that sample collection has been completed for the ME/CFS Severely Ill Big Data Study. The completion of sample collection means we now have the most multifaceted and downreaching data ever gathered to analyze and test in our search for a cure....

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