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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases


OMF Newsletter – January 2017

TED Talk Brings New Awareness to ME/CFS ME activist, turned film director and producer, Jennifer Brea, took center stage at a recent TED Talks event and brought her audience to their feet. Jen begins her story when she first became ill five years ago. She shared the frustration, angst and obstacles she’s encountered in seeking...

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OMF Newsletter Year in Review – December 2016

Year in Review & Looking Ahead Before we say good-bye to 2016, OMF wants to share with you what we accomplished this year by working together! In 2016, Open Medicine Foundation led the effort to advance medical research for ME/CFS. We brought together thousands of patients, family members, care givers, and advocates. With your unwavering...

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I feel I am one of the fortunate ones

My parents both suffered from ME/CFS and I was diagnosed with ME/CFS and FIBROMYALGIA in April of 2012. I was bedridden for about a year with the disease and have recovered enough to be able to perform some basic tasks such as changing clothes and brushing my teeth. Once a week I can sit at...

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Working for a better future

Hello Everyone! I live with my husband and two children in Sundsvall, Sweden. I used to be a business developer, as a profession. Then I worked part-time and took a leave from business—to fulfill my lifelong dream: to write books. I turned ill almost five years ago and had to switch from an active life...

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OMF Newsletter – December 2016

OMF’s Triple Giving Tuesday is a Success OMF’s Triple Giving Tuesday brought together a record number of donors for a ground-breaking success. Our Triple Giving Tuesday campaign has raised over $240,000! More than 500 donors participated in this important call to action. Thanks to Dr. Deborah Rose, friends and supporters like you, OMF can strive to make lives better for people with...

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Most Important I try to be understanding & kind to myself

When I first became sick, I thought I had Mono, I was so sick & so tired. I finally went to the Dr. after a month, (my Dr. was on vacation) saw a partner who said I just was depressed. I knew that was bs, I saw my Dr. when he returned. After some tests...

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Hope is always there, waiting, even if it’s sometimes out of sight

Every time I hear a story, I am moved to tears by the resilience and hope that I find in those suffering this illness. In recent months, one of the worst things that this illness has taken away from me is the ability to communicate by talking, as I once did. Last week, my mum...

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I only have one wish. I want a cure.

Five years ago, I slowly got sick. Or rather, I got slow: Slower and slower as the days went by. At first, I just had to give up my bike for a car. Then I had to drop out of college; I could no longer walk between my classes. After exercise, I became debilitated, stuck...

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Mysterious Illness

Scientific Mind, Sensitive Body The impulse came from deep within me. My stomach abruptly turned as I rushed for the nearby master bathroom and, as if a well had gushed up from deep inside me, I strove direct projectile vomit into the toilet. The splitting headache that had engulfed my day now had a new...

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The Work of OMF Gives Me Hope

I am able now to plant out flowers for the market garden, by using newspaper to cover the ground, grass clippings over those and weed matting. It saves a lot of very hard work and I do it slowly. I get others to shift in the wood mulch between the rows. Now there are rows...

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