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Andreas Kogelnik, MD, PhD Comments on Progressive Research Year of 2014

Andreas Kogelnik, MD, PhD, President and Founder of the Open Medicine Institute (OMI) and a member of the OMF ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board, comments on a busy and progressive year of research funded by OMF-Open Medicine Foundation.   “It has been a busy and progress-filled year at OMI and OMF. With the very generous support…

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A Gift for May Awareness Month 2014

$227,000 Sunshine Project Grant for Gene Expression and Cell Separation Equipment. Affymetrix System Humans have tens of thousands of genes, and Microarrays Chip with 70,000+ genes will make it possible to examine the expression of these genes at once taking a small volume of blood or tissue from patients.  Microarrays are one of the key tools in…

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Crowdfund Goal Met: $150K

Successful Crowdfund goal of $150,000 was reached for a multi-site study to test the benefits of Methyl B12 and Methyl Folate supplementation in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) patients with and/or without a MTHFR gene mutation. This study will test the benefits of this treatment for ME/CFS patients and if the gene mutation makes a difference…

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Open Medicine Institute Continuing ME/CFS Research Pilots with $612,000 Donation

Open Medicine Foundation & Institute are thrilled to announce receipt of $612,000 toward a series of investigative research projects that will take us one step further in our quest to find a cure for neuro-immune illnesses. Compelling areas include an in-depth study of 20 ME/CFS patients: Whole genome sequencing A virome survey of oral viral flora Two…

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VMware Foundation Awards OMF a Grant for Patient-Centric Health Care Model

Press release   OMF to Receive Financial and Consultative Support from the VMware Foundation   Mt. View, CA, May 14, 2013 – The Open Medicine Institute (OMI), an organization with a mission to improve health care by applying a multi-disciplinary, “big data” approach, today announced that the Open Medicine Foundation (nonprofit 501(c)(3)), has been awarded a grant from…

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$1 Million Project Funded!

The Open Medicine Institute Initiates Innovative ME/CFS Research Funded by Major Grants from the Edward P. Evans Foundation and the Neuro-Immune Disease Alliance (NIDA)   Over $1 million donated to study role of genetics and alternative therapies in ME/CFS. Mt. View, CA, May 6, 2013 – The Open Medicine Institute (OMI), an organization with a mission…

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Planned Speaking Engagements for our Representatives

10-13-13 Speaker- Linda Tannenbaum RME Stockholm Sweden sponsored by Swedish Women for ME 10-11-13 Speaker- Linda Tannenbaum RME Gothenburg & Boras Sweden sponsored by Swedish Women for ME 9-15-13 Keynote Speaker at Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Awareness Even- Linda Tannenbaum Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Center, University of California Fullerton Sponsored by Fibromyalgia Awareness National Network (FANN) . Click…

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