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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

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More Details about the New NIH Effort on ME/CFS

We can trust Cort Johnson to get access to movers and shakers in the ME/CFS world and break down news into easy-to-understand words. In his most recent report, he also finds out more details about the NIH announcement of increasing ME/CFS research efforts.In the lengthy piece, Cort tells of our conversations with NIH in trying to bring…

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NIH Increases ME/CFS Research with New Initiative

In a press release released on October 29, the NIH announced they have a new program to advance research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Under the leadership of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes, we expect this new “research protocol at the NIH Clinical Center” will mean more research done by…

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In-Depth Report Reveals Numerous Flaws in CBT and GET Study

The results of the PACE Study were greatly anticipated. But according to an in-depth report, the expectations and hype do not match the actual results data. David Tuller, an accomplished national journalist, now Berkley University professor, worked for months to find solid basis for the study authors’ claims that cognitive behavior therapy and grade exercise therapy…

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BBC Interview Includes Davis’s Son & OMF Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study

More and more people are learning how severe ME/CFS can be and about the OMF research initiative that includes these very ill patients. Ronald W. Davis, PhD, is the ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board director and father of Whitney Dafoe, who came down with ME/CFS as a young adult. Their situation was featured on BBC on October…

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Fox News Picks up on Davis / Dafoe / OMF Research Story

As is often the case, big news starts in the print news media and is then picked up by broadcasting news. Citing stories in The Atlantic and Washington Post, Fox News did a short online text piece highlighting our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board director, Ronald W. Davis, PhD, and the struggles of his son, Whitney…

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New Video Succinctly Reveals More about OMF and the End ME/CFS Project

Want others to know why you support our foundation and the research we’re doing, especially the End ME/CFS Project? We have created this 3.5-minute video that gets the point across succinctly. Some added graphics help to visually emphasize the expertise of our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board and the unique advantage we have to produce results…

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National Magazine Exposes ‘Tragedy’ of ME/CFS

People impacted by ME/CFS are always glad to see the news media give accurate attention to the disease and the struggle for appropriate federal research funding. Rarely does a national media company do an in-depth report. But this month, The Atlantic magazine did just that in an article titled “The Tragic Neglect of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.” You…

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Washington Post Article Focuses on Davis and OMF Research

Our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board director’s scientific accomplishments and personal story is attracting national news media attention. The Washington Post is the latest to publish a story exposing the irony that an innovate geneticist is dealing with a scientific mystery in his own house. Whitney Dafoe, Davis’s son, suffers from a severe form of ME/CFS,…

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Positive Reviews Make OMF a Top-Rated Charity

Great Nonprofits, an information resource about nonprofit charities, has included our organization as one of the 2015 Top-Rated Charities, thanks in large part to the many positive reviews from donors, patients, and more. This honor reflects our hard work and dedication to transparency and keeping our mission, Ending ME/CFS with research, our priority every day. We…

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Movie Released is Opportunity for Fundraising and Awareness

Sixteen months of traveling, filming, raising money and editing – creating a movie is not a small feat. But “Forgotten Plague” is finished and ready to be shown. Through the distribution company Tugg, the producers are inviting patients to get involved through major showings at movie theaters or in small venues, such as at churches….

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