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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

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Movie Released is Opportunity for Fundraising and Awareness

Sixteen months of traveling, filming, raising money and editing – creating a movie is not a small feat. But “Forgotten Plague” is finished and ready to be shown. Through the distribution company Tugg, the producers are inviting patients to get involved through major showings at movie theaters or in small venues, such as at churches….

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Phase I of the End ME/CFS Project Is Funded

We are thrilled to announce we recently received $350K from a generous anonymous donor for the ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study. This is added to the $500K anonymous donation and other tremendous support we have received from generous one-time donations, recurring donations, crowdfunding efforts and fundraisers all over the world. The ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study is…

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Ashley Davis Says her Brother, ME/CFS Patient Whitney Dafoe, Is her Hero

At a reception in front of Palo Alto politicians, scientists and others, Ashley Davis gives her heartfelt expressions about her brother and the loss that has occurred because he has a severe case of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She tells why research is important to her, and she has a message for all…

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Davis Explains the Scientific Process & What’s Needed for NIH to Fund ME/CFS

At a reception at his home, Ronald W. Davis, PhD, our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board director, explains what needs to be done to get the NIH to fund ME/CFS research more. Davis has a personal interest because his son is severely ill, staying in bed almost all the time. Davis also explains why studying the…

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A Family Tells the Personal Impact of ME/CFS

(with video) Janet Dafoe and her daughter Ashley gave a detailed explanation of their nightmare journey into ME/CFS as Whitney Dafoe progressively became severely ill. At OMF, we are so thankful for the support and collaboration of Janet and her husband, our ME/CFS Scientific Board Director, Ronald W. Davis, PhD, and their efforts to increase…

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Palo Alto Magazine Features ME/CFS and Whitney Dafoe

Right as we are raising funds for the ME/CFS Severely Ill-Big Data Study, Palo Alto Weekly featured many aspects of the disease and its impact on three patients. It was their cover story, with the first article appearing on page 20. One of those patients, Whitney Dafoe, is the son of our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory…

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Former Reporter Mentions OMF in Letter to NIH Director

We’re so pleased that many more are talking about the advancements we are making in researching ME/CFS. A former Washington Post reporter wrote the National Institutes of Health director, Dr. Francis Collins, telling him that this illness should be getting more research funds from the NIH. We couldn’t agree more. We have been in conversation…

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Severely Ill ME/CFS and Family’s Struggle Featured in a Mini-Documentary

Our own ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board director, Ron Davis, PhD, and his family, struggle with severe ME/CFS. Whitney, Dr. Davis’ son, has it. This has become widely known in the ME/CFS community. Now many in the public know it through the excellent coverage from news media coverage in Palo Alto, Cal. Davis, an esteemed geneticist,…

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#ME Action Features Answers about our Current Research Initiative

As word is spreading about the ME/CFS Severely Ill-Big Data Study, the first study of the End ME/CFS Project, organizations and bloggers are revealing more details of how this study is different and why it will likely to lead to game-changer discoveries. In May, Michal Hajcik, with #ME Action, did a Q&A with us about…

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NIH Report Shows OMF Is on the Right Track

The NIH released its P2P (Pathways to Prevention) report with suggestions on what types of ME/CFS studies should be conducted. As most expected, the panel called for a singular and better diagnostic criteria to be used in research, or at least for more details of cohorts to be given so comparisons between studies can easily…

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