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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

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Tannenbaum on ME/CFS Alert about Fundraising and our Primary Research Goal

A champion of ME/CFS patients, Llewellen King, interviews our executive director about fundraising and what will attract government research funding, pharmaceutical companies, and large foundations. King, who is reporter and commentator on national politics and host of his own television show, became interested in ME/CFS after his colleague was afflicted. His first report drew such…

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Large Canadian Donation Adds over $197K to OMF Research

Spring has brought more donations, especially this month. The Canadian family of a patient suffering from a neuroimmune disease has made a third large donation to our research. They donated $250K in Canadian dollars, which converts to $197,581 in US dollars. ME/CFS is a disease that inflicts people all over the world. From the beginning, our foundation saw…

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$350K from an Anonymous Donor Continues Momentum

Now that the ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study is underway, we want to perform multiple investigations at the same time. So we are continuing our fundraising work while we do our research work. Just this week, we received $350K from an anonymous donor who had previously donated $40K. So, the momentum is continuing toward our…

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Reveal your Inner Superhero to Raise Funds for Research

We are blessed with advocates across the globe who believe the research we are doing is worthy of being funded. Most recently, a group in the UK and Australia have launched the Undies on the Outside campaign. Here’s how it works: Take a picture or video of yourself wearing your undies on the outside (kind…

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Study Includes Creating a New Computer Program for BIG DATA Analysis

So many data points will need to be analyzed in the ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study—literally millions and millions—that we are creating a unique computer program to analyze it all. This new program will be able to process and compare the huge amount of data to find the biological abnormalities that the 20 severely ill…

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Dr. David Bell Joins OMF Scientific Advisory Board

We’ve got lots of researchers, many of them leaders in their fields. But seeing the disease close up adds an important understanding that can be attained by no other way. This is why we are excited to announce another experienced and world-famous doctor to our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board, David Bell, MD. Not only does…

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Working Together Leads to Documentary Release

You may know Ryan Prior, an ME/CFS patient in Atlanta who become sick while in school. You may know he wrote about his experiences in USA Today. You may know he and Nicole Castillo worked hard to create a documentary about the disease: “Forgotten Plague.” You may know that the documentary includes our ME/CFS Scientific…

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Davis Will Speak at the Invest in ME International Conference & Colloquium

We are proud our ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board director, Ronald Davis, PhD, is one of the few speakers at the Invest in ME International Conference on June 3 and the Biomedical Research in ME Colloquium on June 1-2, both in London, England. These annual events are a great opportunity for researchers to learn and share…

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ME Australia: Big donations speeding up US Big Data study on severe ME and CFS patients

What have big donations done for the Big Data Study on severely ill patients at the Open Medicine Foundation? Last year the Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) received more than US$1,650,000 in anonymous donations towards the End ME/CFS project-Severely Ill Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Big Data Study.  Four large donations from families with loved ones with ME/CFS…

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Generous Family Gives another $142K

We are pleased to announce that we have just received $142,000 for our continuing OMF End ME/CFS Project; the second generous donation from an anonymous donor family. As Phase 1 (the ME/CFS Severely Ill-BIG DATA Study) begins and we are preparing for Phase 2, we are tremendously grateful to our continuing supporters who keep this research going. The…

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