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Harvard ME / CFS Symposium 2019

Harvard ME / CFS Symposium 2019

Finding Clarity: The Inaugural Harvard ME / CFS Collaboration Symposium

Harvard Symposium 2019 - Finding Clarity


Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) is pleased to sponsor the inaugural Harvard ME / CFS Collaboration 2019 Scientific and Public Symposium: Finding Clarity.

The Harvard ME / CFS Collaboration 2019 Public Symposium will follow a one-day scientific meeting with more than 30 researchers. Ronald G. Tompkins, MD, ScD, and Wenzhong Xiao, PhD, co-directors of the OMF-funded Harvard ME / CFS Collaboration at Harvard Affiliated Hospitals have assembled a stellar team of researchers for both the scientific meeting and the public day.

Public Symposium

Public Symposium
Video Recordings

Public Symposium

Science Symposium
Speaker Bios

Public Symposium
Speaker Bios
Saturday, June 8, 2019 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM AMC Assembly Row 12 395 Artisan Way Auditorium 6 Somerville, Massachusetts

This event was recorded and is available here.


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