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Donors in Germany can receive a tax receipt for donations made to Open Medicine Foundation through Maecenata’s Transnational Giving (TG) Program. Maecenata Foundation is a Berlin based charitable organization. Within its TG Program, donors are able to make tax-effective cross boarder donations for charitable purposes worldwide and they take care of all necessary paperwork. OMF has been accepted by Maecenata as an approved international partner. When you donate to OMF through Maecenata, you will receive a regular German tax receipt. There are no minimum amounts required.

Donations can be made via Maecenata’s donation form:  or to this donations account:

Currency: EURO
Account Name: Maecenata Stiftung
IBAN: DE89 1003 0500 1061 0007 01
Bankhaus Löbbecke
Reference : “TG19001 Open Medicine Fd, [Donors Address for the tax receipt]”

(If you want to donate in USD please contact Maecenata in advance.)

A free donation share (maximum 5%) will be deducted from the donations to support the administrative and analytical work of TG. Donors may choose to add this amount in addition to the donation or not.

Further information is available at
Please contact Maecenata directly by phone or mail ( to discuss any details.

Maecenata Foundation, Rungestraße 17, 10179 Berlin
Phone +49 30 2838 7909 / Fax +49 30 2838 7910 /

Or contact OMF at

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