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Like your everyday actions, your charitable gifts have an impact on others.

Perhaps you have considered a charitable legacy to continue your philanthropy beyond your lifetime, to have your family remembered, and your philanthropy woven into the lives of others. With a legacy gift, you can.

We invite you to make your philanthropy endure through a planned gift to Open Medicine Foundation and join the Healthy Futures Society.


The Healthy Futures Society was established to recognize and thank those individuals who have identified Open Medicine Foundation as the best partner in the creation of a personal legacy through a planned gift. The Healthy Futures Society is our way of acknowledging their commitment to the future of Open Medicine Foundation today.

Gifts of all sizes are appreciated, and there are several ways to structure your gift.

Membership in the Healthy Futures Society serves as an example for others to follow, though if you prefer, we honor any requests for anonymity. Have you already added OMF to your estate plans? Please take a moment to inform us of your wishes, so that we can ensure your plans are honored.


The  Healthy Futures Society Annual Meeting brings together members for a “State of the Foundation” presentation from CRC researchers.

With permission, Healthy Futures Society members are featured on Open Medicine Foundation’s website and highlighted in our Community Newsletter.

Options for Including Open Medicine Foundation in Your Estate Plan

There are a variety of options for creating your charitable legacy, including ways to help you save on taxes and make your contributions go further.

Consider how these choices best fit your individual needs and goals:

Name Open Medicine Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to honor your personal legacy of compassion.


Bequeath a specific dollar amount, an asset, a percentage, or the residue of your will or trust to Open Medicine Foundation. Because this portion of your estate is tax deductible, your donation may significantly reduce taxes otherwise payable by your estate.

Retirement Plans and Individual Retirement Accounts offer great tax benefits while you are living. However, at your death, the tax costs of these assets can be immense. One way to save your family and heirs the burden of these costs is to make a charitable contribution using these assets.



  1. Name Open Medicine Foundation as the beneficiary of your IRA or Retirement Plan so that your heirs will not have to pay the income taxes you have avoided during your lifetime. In addition, your heirs will not have to pay estate taxes on the value of your retirement vehicles. By naming Open Medicine Foundation as the beneficiary of your Retirement Plan or IRA, your family and heirs will avoid this double taxation.

  2. The IRA Charitable Rollover allows individuals age 70½ and older to make direct transfers totaling up to $100,000 per year to 501(c)(3) charities, without having to count the transfers as income for federal income tax purposes.

You may choose to designate Open Medicine Foundation as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy.


  1. Your existing life insurance policy may be assigned, all or in part, to Open Medicine Foundation. Or, purchase an additional life insurance policy naming Open Medicine Foundation as owner or sole beneficiary of this new policy.

This charitable strategy pays the donor and named beneficiaries income now until the trust matures, when the remainder passes to Open Medicine Foundation. Cash, securities and appreciated real estate are transferred to the trust and a diversified investment portfolio is established to generate income for the donor. The donor receives an income tax deduction for a portion of the assets contributed to the trust and pays no capital gains tax on the transfer.

There are two types of Charitable Remainder Trusts


  1. Annuity Trust   You receive stable, predictable income annually based on a fixed percentage of the original assets donated.
  2. Unitrust Trust  You receive income annually that varies based on a fixed percentage of the value of the investments, which are re-valued annually.

One of the most elegant ways to assure that your loved one’s name will be remembered is through a Named Gift to commemorate, memorialize or celebrate a family member or friend either in perpetuity, or over a fixed period of time.

Open Medicine Foundation offers opportunities to honor loved ones by affixing their names to grant programs, making them partners in a Healthy Future, for generations to come. Click here to learn more.


Open Medicine Foundation’s staff welcomes the opportunity to meet with you personally in order to understand and facilitate your wishes for the future. We also recommend discussing your wishes with an estate planner or other professional advisor.

To discuss adding Open Medicine Foundation to your estate plans, please contact Kathleen Morgen, Vice President of Philanthropy, kathleen@omf.ngo, 707-295-8007


Legal Name:  Open Medicine Foundation

Tax ID: 26-4712664

29302 Laro Drive

Agoura Hills, CA 91301 USA

Phone: 650-242-8669

It is an estate planning best practice to include both the legal name and tax identification number in any will or trust documentation.

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