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Join us in Wishing Whitney Dafoe a Happy Birthday!

Whitney Dafoe Commemorates his 37th Birthday with a Message of Hope

This Saturday, October 3rd, Whitney Dafoe marked his 37th birthday. Please join Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) as we celebrate Whitney, and his remarkable courage, strength and resilience…

Whitney is a selfless advocate, fighting for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME / CFS) everywhere. Serving as a symbol of hope while pushing for change, Whitney continues to give back to the community despite his own devastating battle with this illness.

Sick since 2004 and bedridden with severe ME/CFS since 2012, Whitney has spent the last 8 years confined to his bedroom, tube fed, and unable to tolerate any form of stimulation.

Whitney’s story has been heard around the world, and in honor of his 37th birthday, he is speaking out on social media to reiterate the critical importance of funding research into ME/CFS while sharing a powerful message of hope:

“I want to get better and see all of you rise from your beds, wheelchairs, and homes with me!”

So far, Whitney has already raised over $12,000 for OMF-funded research.

Please give Whitney the gift of hope, by donating generously to his birthday fundraiser today: http://spot.fund/FindaCureForMEcfs

We extend our immense gratitude to Whitney, who shines as a beacon of hope in the darkness to all those affected by the cruelty of ME/CFS.

OMF will continue working urgently to support the groundbreaking research necessary to find treatments and a cure so that people like Whitney can celebrate future birthdays full of the happiness and health they deserve.

Read Whitney’s full post on Facebook.


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