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Bear Hugs for ME

By Amie
Bear Hugs for ME has become a full-time charity project that I run from my bed. I am always making bears and taking new requests from other people with ME. I make each bear special for the individual, always with a personalized sweater. To date, I have made 14 total bears and I still currently have 6 more on my list to do. With my bears, I have made it my mission to spread hope, love, kindness and a little happiness in an illness that can be so isolating. I also hope to help spread awareness for ME and support ME research.
When people request a bear I never charge for them. Instead, I ask that they make a donation to OMF no matter how small if they are able. I still, of course, make a bear for them even if they can’t donate because I know many with ME are in difficult financial situations. I will also help pay the shipping to send someone a bear if they cannot pay shipping. I have sent bears to many countries outside of the US including England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, and The Netherlands.
I plan to continue making bears and am always taking new requests. I can only make about 1 bear a week depending on my health but as long as people are willing to be patient I don’t mind adding more to my list. I am also thinking about possible ideas to eventually expand my charity to further help raise awareness as well as supporting OMF. I want to do as much as I can to help support OMF so we can find the answers we need to improve the lives of those with ME and to eventually find a treatment.
I now have a website that explains all about my bears and also has pictures of my bears.
My official twitter account for Bear Hugs can be found here.

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