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Linda Lahey-Anderson ME/CFS Art Fundraiser

Linda Lahey-Anderson, an ME/CFS patient and artist, is selling prints of one of her latest pieces to benefit Open Medicine Foundation. The piece is entitled “Lungs and Wings, Necessary Things.” She created the piece to uplift anyone affected by ME/CFS, from patients to caregivers.

The artwork can be given as a thank you gift to a caregiver or placed at a patient’s bedside as a reminder that they are not alone and as recognition of their courage and perseverance. Linda is selling prints at a special low price to ensure her artwork is financially accessible to most people. Check it out on her website:

When her college career brought her to France, she quickly discovered a new identity as an artist. She spent her days immersed in the museums, poetry, music, and street art of another culture. Not long after, she was struck by an episode of the flu/Epstein Barr Virus, causing her to develop ME/CFS at 24. Like many others, Linda’s found her symptoms grew worse as she pushed herself and was exposed to various chemicals and molds.

Today, Linda is mostly housebound, and she turns to Arizona’s breathtaking desert landscape for inspiration and relief. She lets the struggles of her illness and the beauty of the world around her guide her artwork, which she uses to both advocate for and support fellow ME/CFS patients.

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