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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

Forskningsradet: The Norwegian Research Council allocates 30 million kroner to four projects

Written by Geir Aas

The Research Council allocates 30 million to four projects after more than 700 input from patients, relatives and therapists.

University of Bergen will study disturbances in energy metabolism as a possible factor in the disease mechanism in hopes of better understanding the causes of CFS / ME.

University of Oslo will investigate the role of the immune system in the pathogenesis of CFS / ME through studies of genetic risk variations for autoimmune diseases.

SINTEF will study the demographic and socioeconomic background of the CFS / ME patients and their families and how they meet public services, work life and school.

The project at the University Hospital in Northern Norway will carry out a study of fecal transmission, which will change the intestinal flora of patients in hopes of making them healthier.

The Research Council’s experience has been very useful and we will particularly express the enthusiasm and dedication of the patients and their relatives who exceeded our expectations. They have helped to fund projects of high professional quality and potentially very useful value, “says Research Director John-Arne Røttingen.

“It has been very rewarding to work so closely with the users in a thematic area where the need for knowledge and commitment is so great. Thank you to all who contributed.”

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