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Mercy of Pain

By Karen Napier

It comes to me as an unwelcome intruder
and yet knows me intimately.
Its steel fingers lazily trace tendrils across my head,
securing their vice grip of unhindered pain.

Time becomes endless and the world
shrinks down to the whispering
cries of my mind. “No, no, no, please stop.”

Who can tame this ravenous beast that
devours it’s prey without end?
Shall I let go and slip into madness?
If I surrender to the silent scream, can I stop?

How can an invisible foe wreak such savagery?
I have no defense against its cold, sharp talons.
I cry out again, desperate for relief.

“Jesus, save me from this all consuming pain.
But if that is not Your will,
rescue me from the poisons: despair and bitterness,
left in the wake of suffering.”

Surrendered, I submit to Christ, knowing,
because He holds me in His hand;
I will be transformed, not crushed,
bruised, but not broken.

What beautiful scars the mercy of pain rewards its bearer with
when filtered through the hands of Him; who bore the cross for me.

By: Karen Napier ©

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