Let Life Become Small

By Ernestine Cath

Allow life to become your bed
Allow life to become the sounds of
from the sea nearby
You don’t have to travel there
to know
it is there
Allow life to be the stretch in your back
when you cross
your right leg over your left
You had such a limited understanding before
of what exploring
the world meant
Go for a swim in the deep waters
of your belly
Take the staircase of your gorgeous
spine there
Explore the icy tips of your toes
and come back up for dessert;
To suck on all the glorious memories
you have made
They are endless
Then lie still
To wait for the seagulls to take you away
What do you imagine you will see before you die?
I tell you not half the fantasies you dream about
It will be seagulls and love
That’s all.

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