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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

I Want My Life Back

By Terry Greenlay

Who are we, but the ones for whom time stands still
we wake to a new day, faced with nothing more than forgotten yesterdays
in unison we cry out, a cacophony of uncertainty and sorrow
i want my life back – it goes unanswered
Who are we, but those friendless souls left without
we wake to another time, upon paths we once walked before
together, we are forgotten, bereft of the capacity to be who we once were
i want my life back – a common echo unheard
Who are we, but people, spirits locked within these mortal shells
we wake without dreams, yet try to savor each and every moment
united within ourselves, for there are no others to understand….truly understand
i want my life back – deaf are the ears that hear but don’t listen


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