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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

I remember and I await

By Angela Morrone


I remember waking pain free, energetic, happy, rushing about

I remember walking, dancing, working, playing, pushing through deadlines

I remember staying up all night laughing, drinking, talking, hanging with friends

I remember all the joys and challenges in life I took for granted

I remember how I cared for my kids, my parents, my patients

Today I await



Another chance

Every day we awake, and that is a good day,

we get through even the worst of them, because even those have good in them

A new day, a new dr. a new person, a new chance.

I now meet new people, see new outlooks, try new hobbies, new treatments, with new hopes

I remember the wonderful times I had and look forward to the ones I will have with new coping skills, and treatments.

I am anxious

I am hopeful

I believe in the people working towards a better understanding and treatment

I read, I try, and I Hope

Hope for us for our future for our kids

I believe and I await

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