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Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), and Fibromyalgia.

Hope for ME

By Angela Everitt

Aching joints, muscles too
Waking every day with the worst kind of flu,
Brain so foggy, can’t think straight
Hope I can walk as far as the gate.

I’m so tired I can’t even talk
So many pills, I rattle when I walk
“You don’t look ill” others say
Try being me, just for a day

Doctors are baffled and some don’t even care,
If you’re stuck in your house they can forget that you’re there
Is anyone listening, does anyone know what to do?
Is there any hope for me or any hope for you?

An invisible illness, that others can not see
It’s very isolating, living with ME.
It won’t help to have a rest, that is not a cure.
I’d nearly given up, my future was unsure.

But out of the blue there’s cause for celebration,
We’ve got wonderful support from the Open Medicine Foundation.
Ministers are speaking in parliament about lack of care,
Saying that we’re “really ill” and the way we’ve been treated is unfair.

Unrest has been screened inn countries near and far,
Opening people’s eyes to show how ill we really are.
Thanks to Ron, Janet, Linda and the rest of the team
“There may be hope” we’re beginning to dream…

Millions missing and ribbons that are blue,
After decades of no funding and little research too
Suddenly there’s progress and real hope for me and you.

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