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Come Home

By Valerie Taresh

When I thought the world was
all outside
I needed to be out of there
please just give me the chance
And see it from my side.
All I need is to be on my own
to go out there- to at least try.
I’ll call; I’ll come home.
I promise
I’ll try.

I had mountains to conquer that
Became small hills.
I was too busy going nowhere forgotten dreams now only in clouds
Going everywhere
too fast
What next – what’s first
Too short to last

I ran so fast so far
Just how I wanted life to be
The memories I made
weren’t memorable I suppose
Faded before they got to me.
So many things to do
What can wait – what’s last
What doesn’t need done?
I’ll go, I’ll see or I’ll do those things
As soon as I’m a bit more free.
I promise.

Now the house is too big
It takes awhile
to get from here to there
I often have to wait just one,
just two, wait- oh Lord, please
help me to the chair.

Oh God can’t you see my side;
I haven’t done it all.
I haven’t seen my kids enough,
I’ve children yet to spoil.
I always thought I could stall
for time before
my name was called.

My world grows smaller with
every dawn, the veil is draping low.
I’ll stay just a little while more;
I know it’s time to go.

I’ll be okay – I’ll be right there,
I’ve to finish the unsaid and undone.,
My memories left in loves on earth
My heart to my daughter and sons

May my life be a lesson for my earthly clan.
Don’t hurry, don’t worry, trust wholly
that in infinity –
There exists a Divine plan.
I promise.

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