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OMF Ambassador – Stuart Murdoch

Stuart Murdoch Belle and Sebastian

OMF Ambassadors support our research efforts and are helping build awareness of ME/CFS and chronic complex diseases worldwide. OMF Ambassadors are promoting our work through videos and messaging on their social media and websites, personal appearances, and face-to-face interactions with their communities and fans. In addition, they are invited to participate at OMF and OMF-partner events, including our Worldwide Tour, and Community Symposium. Meet our Ambassador.

Stuart Murdoch – OMF Ambassador

“The great thing about Open Medicine Foundation is everything they find out, they put that out to the world for everybody to see, and it’s through this collaboration and open sharing of ideas that I think the solution will be found.” Stuart Murdoch, Belle and Sebastian

Stuart Murdoch, co-founder of the indie pop band Belle and Sebastian, became an OMF Ambassador in 2018, because of his strong commitment to finding a cure for ME/CFS, a disease that has afflicted him for several decades. As an OMF Ambassador, Stuart is working with us, in our social media and fundraising campaigns, to promote awareness of this dreadful disease and OMF’s efforts to end it.

Stuart and his band, Belle and Sebastian, add global social awareness to OMF’s efforts as the band, based in Glasgow, Scotland, where they were founded 20 years ago, has achieved worldwide fame through its tours and multiple recordings.

Stuart is the lead singer and songwriter for the band, and he is also a composer, writer, filmmaker, and father. Some of his songs and his films reflect the struggles he has faced with ME/CFS when he became too ill to work or study for seven years.

These songs and his films appeal to a broad audience, as Stuart explains in this video, and demonstrate the compassion and hope he has for the millions of patients desperately wanting a cure so they can once again, begin their lives. (Video transcript available here.)

UPDATE: OMF Ambassador Stuart Murdoch appears on CNN Turning Points.


Linda Tannenbaum, Founder & CEO/President
with Stuart Murdoch, Belle and Sebastian



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