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Meet OMF in Europe

Join OMF’s End ME / CFS Worldwide Tour
Help spread OMF’s message of hope and learn what we are
doing to unravel ME / CFS.

Linda Tannenbaum, CEO/President, is preparing for OMF’s End ME / CFS Worldwide Tour European visit. Linda will be presenting an OMF research update, encouraging our global community to take action and to be a part of the solution. Our spectacular Scientific Advisory Board, including three Nobel laureates, are determined to help unravel the mystery of ME / CFS and we all hope that a cure will be found soon.

In her presentations (with Q & A session), Linda will provide hope to patients and parents/caregivers. In addition, she has scheduled talks with government officials and physicians to raise awareness that ME / CFS is a real, serious disease validated by the United States NIH and CDC.

We encourage you to join Linda at a program nearby.

Our End ME / CFS Worldwide European Tour Schedule:

Open to the public:

  • Isle of Man: May 24, 7:30pm-9pm: Host: ME Support Isle of Man
  • Dublin, Republican of Ireland: May 28, 2:30pm-5pm: Host: Irish ME / CFS Association
  • Newry, North Ireland: May 29, 7pm-9pm: Host: Hope 4ME & Fibro
  • London, UK: June 2: Invest in ME International Conference: OMF Exhibit Table: Come and see us!
  • Antwerp, Belgium: June 7, 3pm-6pm: Host: Wake Up Call Beweging
  • Osloo, Norway: June 12, 5pm: Host: The Norwegian ME Association
  • Bergen, Norway: June 16, TBD: The Norwegian ME Association
  • Boras, Sweden: June 18, 4pm-7pm: Host: RME:Riksforgeningen For ME – Patienter, Swedish Women for ME
  • Stockholm, Sweden: June 19, 5:30pm-8pm: Host: RME:Riksforgeningen For ME – Patienter

Not open to the public:

  • Isle of Man: May 24: Parliament & House of Keys, Minister of Health, Medical Professionals
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland: May 30: Government/Physicians: Host: Hope 4 ME & Fibro
  • London, UK: May 31-June 1: Science Meeting: Host: Invest in ME International Conference

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OMF is committed to open and collaborative research. We look forward to seeing you soon to exchange hope, ideas and thoughts to conquer this terrible disease, together.

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