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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

Taking on the Jester Challenge

Martin Lampard, whose sister Ruth and family friend Emily are ME/CFS patients, is undertaking an epic fundraiser to support the Open Medicine Foundation and help advance groundbreaking ME/CFS research. He’ll take on the Jester Challenge, a 250 mile solo sailing voyage from Plymouth, England, to Baltimore, Ireland.

Martin explained, “I’m a keen sailor, and JC2019  will be by far the longest solo trip I’ve made, across some rather complicated waters. The Challenge starts on June 16th and will take … well … who knows? Best case for a small boat like mine is 2 days. Worst case? Well, I’m back to work on Monday 24th, so I will need to arrive by then, for sure.” He added, “Fundraising has got off to a good start!”

Many thanks to Martin for undertaking this adventurous journey to help the ME/CFS patients in his life and the many patients worldwide!

Follow this link to support Martin’s fundraiser for OMF:


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