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Low Battery Man

Patient activist Servando Castello is taking to the streets of Spain and Portugal to raise awareness of ME / CFS and fundraise to support OMF’s research programs. Servando’s creativity is inspirational.


In his own words, Servando said,

“My name is Servando Castello. I am 42 years old and I’ve had ME / CFS for the last 7 years. The project is to drive my van (which I named “HOPE”) across all the provinces of the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal), stopping in each province, having meetings and giving explanations, visiting people with severe ME / CFS. and searching for donations for OMF. The target is to give visibility to ME / CFS and receive donations. I want to give a message to my children (4 and 2 years old) because I don’t know if I will be able to be with them in the coming years, or maybe I will be in bed all the time. My message is: ‘Your father fought to the end, in the face of life’s difficulties. Never give up, keep standing, because there is always hope.’ “


Servando is sharing his journey and you can follow along:

Instagram: @lowbattery_man
Facebook: @lowbatteryman
Donate in honor of Servando
Servando’s Low Battery Man in the News:
Levante: Un navarresino recorrerá España para visibilizar la encefalomielitis miálgica


Thank you Servando for showing what it’s like to live life with ME / CFS and sharing this message of hope with your children and the entire ME / CFS community.

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