Scientific Collaborators:

CFS Research Center-Stanford Network Members

Core Research Group

  • Raeka Aiyar, PhD – Mitochondria, Genomics; Director of Communications and Development
  • Laurel Crosby, PhD – Multi-system Integration; Research Engineer, Stanford
  • Gozde Durmus, PhD – Magnetic Levitation of Cells; Post-doctoral Fellow, Stanford
  • Rahim Esfandyarpour, PhD – Electrical Detection of Biologics; Research Engineer, Stanford
  • Peidong Shen, PhD – DNA Assays; Research Associate, Stanford
  • Wenzhong Xiao, PhD – Bioinformatics and Physical Chemistry; Harvard Medical School
  • Mohsen Gorgani, PhD – Mitochondrial Biochemistry; Research Associate
  • Robert Phair, PhD – Integrative Bioinformatics and Systems Biology; CSO, Integrative Bioinformatics, Inc.
  • Fereshteh Jahaniani, PhD – Genetics from Sequence and Pharmacology; Research Associate (M Snyder), Stanford
  • Brian D Piening, PhD – Human Big Data; Post-doctoral Scholar with M. Snyder, Stanford
  • Curt Scharfe, MD, PhD – Human Mitochondrial Genetics; Professor Yale University
  • Nader Pourmand, PhD – Nano Needle Injection into Mitochondria; Professor, UC Santa Cruz
  • Craig Heller, PhD – Medical and Sports Metabolism; Professor of Biological Science, Stanford
  • Alain Moreau, PhD – Molecular Genetics; Professor, University of Montreal; Director Research, Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center

Academic Collaborators

  • Mark Davis, PhD – Immunology; Professor Immunology, Stanford
  • Mike Snyder, PhD – Human Big Data studies; Chair Genetics, Stanford
  • Lars Steinmetz, PhD – Mitochondrial Genetics; Professor Genetics, Stanford
  • Hanlee Ji, MD – Big Data Technology; Associate Professor Medicine, Stanford
  • Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD – Mitochondria & Metabolomics; Professor, UC San Diego
  • Jennifer Frankovich Sargent, MD – PANS; Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford
  • Catherine Blish, MD – Human Natural Killer (NK) Cells; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stanford
  • Stuart Kim, PhD – Big Data of Athletes and Aging; Professor Developmental Biology and Genetics, Stanford
  • Garry Nolan, PhD – Mass Cytometry & Phosphor Flow; Professor Immunology, Stanford
  • Daria Mochly-Rosen, PhD – Translational Medicine; Chemical and Systems Biology, Stanford
  • Steve Elledge, PhD – Auto Antibody and Virus Detection; Professor Genetics, Harvard Medical School
  • John Bell – expert in Bioinformatics; Research Associate (H Ji), Stanford
  • Gregory Enns, MD – Human Mitochondrial Genetics; Professor Pediatrics (Genetics), Stanford
  • Jarred Younger, PhD – Pain and Anesthesiology; Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Doctors that see ME/CFS Patients

  • Eric Gordon, MD – expert in ME/CFS; Gordon Medical Associates
  • David Kaufman, MD – expert in ME/CFS; Director, Center for Complex Diseases
  • Nancy Klimas, MD – expert in ME/CFS; Director, Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine, Nova Southeastern University
  • Susan Levine, MD – expert in ME/CFS
  • Jose Montoya, MD – expert in ME/CFS; Professor Medicine Stanford

Biotech Collaborators

  • George Schreiner, MD – expert in Mitochondrial Drugs; President & CSO Cardero Therapeutics
  • Sundeep Dugar, PhD – expert in Pharmacological Chemistry; Cardero Rx
  • Fred Volinsky, MD – expert in Antiviral Drug Development; CEO Epiphany Biosciences, Inc
  • Lisa Paborsky, PhD – expert in Mitochondrial Drugs; Senior Vice President Mitobridge, Inc.
  • John Ryals, PhD – CEO of Metabolon