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Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), Fibromyalgia and Post COVID .

Forget Me Not

Susanne Fröroth, Sweden, got creative with her time and talent. Susanne used her limited energy to knit hats and socks to fundraise in support of OMF’s research. She announced her efforts on her Facebook page and was thrilled to receive 20 orders. Susanne raised 4000 SEK. She donated her proceeds during OMF’s Triple Tuesday and it ended up being 14500 SEK, more than $1,500. Susanne was thrilled.

Susanne is continuing her knitting in honor of OMF and is now making “forget me not” children’s hats and socks.

Thank you Susanne for sharing a message of hope and fundraising for research!


Update November 12, 2019

Susanne continues to knit at a feverish pace as orders are flying in. Susanne has graciously knit an additional 40 hats and raised over $1,000 more. One person’s actions truly go a long way to sharing hope around the world.  Tack kära vän Susanne!

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