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ME/CFS and related chronic complex diseases

Carte Blanche: Millions Missing News Report

Carte Blanche presented an excellent report on ME/CFS that reached a very large international audience. We are honored the OMF Scientific Advisory Board Director Dr. Ronald W. Davis and OMF CEO/President Linda Tannenbaum are interviewed and featured in the report.

We send our sincere thank you to The ME CFS Foundation South Africa ( for your steadfast work on behalf of patients, and to producer Anna-Maria van Niekerk, presenter Devi Sankaree Govender, and Retha Viviers from ME/CFS Foundation South Africa for helping to raise ME/CFS awareness and understanding worldwide.

About Carte Blanche: Carte Blanche is a prime-time television program that has become an institution among South African television audiences since its inception in 1988. The show consistently ranks in the top 10 on M-Net and enjoys a local viewership of over 500,000 people every week.



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