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Arrived in London at BRMEC! May 31

I’ve arrived in London at the 12th annual Invest in ME conference (BRMEC7) late Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning we started off the day at breakfast with Drs. Jonas Blomberg and Jonas Bergquist of Uppsala University in Sweden. They updated us on their research funded by OMF.

I am here with Dr. Ron Davis who will be speaking at the IiME Patient day on June 2nd. On Wednesday and Thursday, we joined the other 70 or so scientists at the 7th annual Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium (BRMEC7), where Dr. Davis and many others presented and discussed the details of the latest ME / CFS research. Last night we ended with a nice dinner that allowed for more in-depth discussions of the science. On Thursday morning we met with Dr. Olav Mella and Dr. Maureen Hanson over breakfast. These splendid specialists are two of the three latest additions to our Scientific Advisory Board


Joining me and Dr. Davis in London is Raeka Aiyar, PhD, Communications Director for the Stanford Genome Technology Center, and Ashley Haugen, Events & Marketing Director for the CFS Center at Stanford. All four of us will be hosting OMF’s exhibit table at IIMEC12. We are looking forward to connecting with the patients there personally!

I encourage all of our European ME / CFS friends and supporters to send us your impressions, comments, and feedback. We want to learn and improve how we share information with you and the larger ME / CFS community. I also encourage you to come and join us in one of the many European meetings still to come. Thank you for following our tour!


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