A Special Holiday Message of Hope from Dr. Ron Davis


OMF’s End ME/CFS Project is the most comprehensive, revolutionary research to find a biomarker, treatment and cure for ME/CFS and related chronic, complex diseases. “I think we can cure this disease,” Ronald W. Davis, PhD, Director of OMF’s ME/CFS Scientific Advisory Board says. “I think we’re getting close enough to understanding the mechanism and I think it’s a matter of figuring how to change the switch, and then you’ll be able to cure it. Treating it would be OK, but I want to cure it.”  Dr. Davis is very clear in his direction.

Dr. Davis and his team are looking for root causes and mechanisms and truly the bottom-line answers at the molecular and cellular level. We are creating new tools and approaches to research and fast-tracking treatment options for patients.

We are excited to announce that in 2017 we will begin studying treatment options. Working with our Scientific Advisory Board and collaborators, we are exploring which options will have the greatest potential for success and will launch these studies as quickly as possible.

As Dr. Davis said, in 2016 great progress was made in ME/CFS research. Let’s end 2016 by launching research discoveries skyrocketing in 2017. Please donate to research today to make this season of giving, a SEASON OF HOPE for ME/CFS patients around the world.